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Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine ranking and your web sites traffic are directly influenced by four main areas:

Content, Links, Popularity and Reputation

Content: The more unique, well-versed content a site has, the better it will rank. Content primarily consists of the text on your site, but also includes images, videos and anything else the users come to the site for.

Links: Mainly concerning inbound links, but also includes outbound links and internal links. The more, quality, inbound links a site has, the ...

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Creating Dynamic Menus with PHP and CSS

Want to pep up your web page with some dynamic menus? Here’s a simple solution that only requires a few lines of PHP and CSS.

UPDATE (11/1/08): Simplified the header code and edited the syntax of the list element echo code.


Add the following to the top of your page (before the DOCTYPE or HTML tag).

    // Get current page file name
    $page = basename($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]);

Then add the following to your menu item where ...

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