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Increasing the Size of a Virtual Hard Drive in VirtualBox

I work in Linux primarily but run a Windows 7 virtual machine in VirtualBox so I can use Photoshop and do some necessary testing. Today my VM ran out of space. Silly me thought 20GB would be enough, but after installing service pack 1, dozens of Windows updates and a few programs I had less than 1GB of space left. After a little searching I found an easy way to increase the size of a virtual disk.

First, shut down ...

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Windows 7 Activation Hack

When installing Windows 7 it's very picky about which installation disc you use (Full vs. Upgrade) and if improperly matched with your key can prevent you from activating your copy of Windows usually returning an "Invalid Product Key" error message. You may also see the same or similar error when you do a full, clean installation with an upgrade disc. This can be very annoying, especially when you have a legitimate key and disc but just didn't install ...

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Free Alternative Lightweight Software for Windows (Part 2)

Part 2 of my Free Alternative Lightweight Software for Windows will cover basic security and performance enhancing/maintenance tools.

I have broken this article into four parts to make it easier on both you, the reader, and me. As I publish the other sections of this article, I will add a link to them.

  • Part 1 - Communication/Business Tools
  • Part 2 - Security/Performance Tools
  • Part 3 - Media Tools (Never published)
  • Part 4 - Miscellaneous Tools (Never published)

Avast! Antivirus

Replaces: Norton ...

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Free Alternative Lightweight Software for Windows (Part 1)

Sick of your computer running like molasses? Tired of having to perform that annual (semi-annual?) reformat and installation of your operating system? Do you wish your computer just ran faster? Well maybe some free alternative lightweight software will solve your problem! On the other hand, if you enjoy the time you have to make coffee while you load that simple .PDF file, please stop reading now.

I have a fairly complex, yet powerful, Windows box that I run as my ...

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