BlackBerry Storm Unboxing

I went to the Verizon store at 10am the day of release and they said they had sold out ~2 hours before I got there. I was able to order one and they were nice enough to write off the rebate right away and overnight me a Storm directly from the factory. By noon the following day I had my Storm and the following are photos of the unboxing. I know this is rather late, but like they say, better late than never.

The Cover

The Box

Just Inside the Box


Under the Cover

Booting Up

After my phone finished booting I forgot all about taking pictures. The following pictures were taken about a week later after I had been using the phone for a while.

Up and Running

Anyone Got the Time?

BlackBerry Maps

I’ve now had my Storm for just over 3 weeks and I love it! Every aspect of it is great. Sure there are some problems with the software, but nothing major or inconvinient, and since it’s software, there’s a good chance it will be fixed in the near future. Bottom line though, I don’t know how I lived without a BlackBerry up until now!

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